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Tricks in Photography With Macro

Tricks in Photography With Macro
What is macro photography?

Macro photography is the use of a wide angle lens to take pictures. It is known as a wide angle lens because the peripheral vision of the camera is much broader. This is a very good photo to use.

What are the effects of macro photography there?

Imagine watching a mosquito close. I mean so close that you can not see anything except for a giant mosquito. If your peripheral vision suddenly increased at the time of a change to the macro, and the mosquito in front of you will be smaller and more details about the environment surrounding the mosquito.

Another example, with a natural landscape. The fixation on the same landscape, say that suddenly changes your regular lens to its wide angle lens, you will notice immediately the following differences:

    Subjects that are far away from their physical location much more compared to subjects closest to you.
    The subject, which is very far away (like a mountain in the distance) that are fuzzy and smaller than the world increasingly in a crystal ball for the background does not interfere with what you are trying to express
    Photos taken near your subject will be distorted as a mirror of the house of pleasure (ie use trick photography)
    According to the potential increase of your lens, you can focus your camera to get a more detailed picture rich decorative elements, such as insects, toys.

Why are increasing your goal important?

Lens magnification is short of calling the magnification of the camera. The expansion is simply the way your device needs to "reduce" the subject on the screen. Confused? About you (for example, a person) is almost always greater than the camera sensor. Let's say you fill the screen of the camera sensor with a giant 2.2-meter and the camera sensor has a width of 22 mm, the expansion is 1:100. If you want to take pictures of small creatures like locusts, and your goal is the pursuit of objectives with a magnification of 1:1. What this means is that if you move the camera near Butterfly trying to make, and fill the screen with her butterfly (if you zoom in closer or walk), you should be able to see all the details clearly without blurring the everything. If the macro lens shows a blurry image, then no matter how you calibrate the magnification is 1:1. Before you plan things with photography, be sure to check the specifications of the target that is about to buy.

Macro can produce special effects

Macro also allows you to exaggerate the distance of the objects that are far away. For example, say you put a person a few meters behind another person and took a picture of two of them, actually see the person behind seems far away. Macro also allows close subjects to provide clearer information. This photo trick often used to blur distant subjects to create special effects such as bokeh.

Difference between macro and macro mode

Although both are macro, which have slight differences. Macro mode that comes with the camera just open the camera aperture to be as wide as possible to imitate a wide angle lens. Macro lens can vary true professional value and expansion. If you use a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex), then it is advisable that you get a macro to do this. If you are a beginner, you can always do it yourself.

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