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Tricks With Photography

Photography Tricks
Photography Tricks
With the advent of mobile devices, photography has become one of the fastest growing hobbies. Now is just a click of a time that you can enjoy for the rest of his life. Photography Tricks With applications like Instagram, you can make your photos look like the work of a professional, but you can not really make a professional may be - the tower of Photography. The dramatic imagery seems a bit beyond your comprehension. Is not it ..

Well good news ... Photography tricks may seem very imaginative and stimulating, but it is very technical and heavy on the pocket. It is basically the combination of creativity and the basic tools of a camera. Digital cameras are automated to aim and shoot. However, if you switch to manual mode, it opens the door to endless possibilities that can be created from a single lens reflex camera. Photography Tricks Simple manipulations with exposure and shutter speed create magical results. Forced perspectives lead to many incredible images that do not require a lot of money to produce such results.

• The effects of perspective photography deceive Perspective means foreground and background themes to create interesting compositions. The merger of the two subjects create funny pictures interesting example for a small baby playing with the real Eiffel Tower or a man blowing white clouds on the roof of the mouth. Lenses for millimeter decrease the depth between the foreground and background of the force that produces flat perspective 2D images. Bokeh Tips perspective also very popular.

• Technical Exhibition: This essentially means exposure to light by the camera sensor when shooting the subject. Is also related to the time the shutter is open. Here, the nature of light is very important. The long and short exposures produce different results. Add to that the different shutter speeds, the permutations are endless. A very common and effective effect is the ray of light. Traces of light that occurs when exposed to a longer period and randomly moves the light in all directions. The results are fantastic as graphic designs. Here the imagination is the key that the possibilities are endless.

• Camera Lock: Lock the camera and start clicking pictures of different depths and angles and different themes. Then, with the help of Photoshop, combining the hidden layers of the subjects in each shot so the effect of multiplicity. The same technique is combined with the levitation effect Effect of flight. Again, the possibilities are endless.

• HDR and infrared photography: the high dynamic range photography is the thing today. HDR images are a variety of levels of brightness and contrast. You may mix the images of the same scene taken at different exposure levels. Images are rich and, in fact, it is impossible to keep firing a shot almost identical at all points of the image like the sky and the levels of exposure in the foreground. Infrared photography is another technique that produce surreal dream images. In this case, the use of a filter to block visible light. DSLR comes with IR inhibitors. But with the filters, you can get magical results.

• Special Effects with Photoshop: I personally do not consider this segment as this trick is a technique used after shooting. It is more a post-production work. However, today most all images are handled, trained and enhanced using Photoshop.Photography Tricks This makes photography very affordable that can produce dynamic results almost sitting on your desk at home things.

Photo tricks are no longer beyond arriving. With just a little imagination and practice, you can get magical results. So go ahead.Photography Tricks Flash of his best albums with your images disconcerting difficult and biscuits

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